Is there a method to even out all quads on a mesh?

I am modelling an aventail and need to make chainmail, which I can do no problem.
However because my faces are not all even(same size), the chainmail is not correctly alligned in all places.

Is there a method or tool/addon that makes all faces even in size?

chainmail hair particles

Base mesh particles are emitted from

Probable not because it is physically impossible to make them all the same size without changing either the shape or the topology.
There are addons that handle stuff like this. They handle this by distorting the inserts - in your case the chain elements.

I believe Tissue which comes with Blender and only needs to be activated can do this but I am not 100% sure.

And then there is a paid addon which is specifically for this kind of stuff:

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That add on looks almost exactly what I need, thanks for the reply!