Is there a mode for animation Preview. Normal Speed?

Is there a mode for animation Preview. Normal Speed?

I have an animation with a ton of RVKs, polys and textures. I was wondering if there is a global mode to set the project at “the minimum”. Then create an AVI so it can be played back at normal speed.

I need to do this to tweak the fluidness and motion of the characters.

I have thought of WIRE, but that means every component has to be individually set to that (or am I wrong?). And that doesn’t necessarily speed the rendering process.

Any tips or pointers are appreciated.

I can probably turn off the OSA, and the RayTrace, but still, I keep thinking there is even a better way.

you know the button that looks like a picture, and if you press it, it renders your screen? if you press ctrl and press it, it will animate the 3D window.

Thank You! I’ll try it! I thought that was just for still images.

Modron, I didn’t know that trick, thanks.
But the playback is even slower than what you’d get from the play button.
Turning off OSA, Raytrace, Shadow, Env, etc. is good. Also, how about rendering at a smaller size, 50% or less? I’m not sure if it would affect the playback, but how about turning down the quality in the File Format panel?


The process Modron described renders out a preview (from your 3d viewport). This is fast but not realtime (except for really simple scenes). just set your render output for some video format and the preview will be saved to a video, which you can watch with the play button or opening the created file, which will be in “normal” time.

:expressionless: . I was under the wrong impression that that was the preview. Pressing the play button gave me the right preview. You’re right. Modron’s method makes rendering the animation preview faster :smiley: .