Is there a Parametric (STEP) to Mesh (OBJ) converter equal or better than MoI's?

Moment of Inspiration 4 is out, I haven’t tried it yet, but I reckon its OBJ exporter is the same or better than it was in MoI3. It just produced such great quality meshes with custom normals where you didn’t have to manually fix anything. Perfect shading out of the box so you could just get on with building materials and lighting for a product render. I haven’t found any other STEP importer or converter that is on par.

Maybe someone here knows?

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Still the best afaik

I tried the moi exporter but could not get the results I want. Probably my inexperience.

Have you used the Stepper add on from Ambi? It has controls on the quality of the imported mesh and has custom normal data.

I wanted to, but there’s sadly no trial or demo of someone testing it. It’s part of the reason for me asking.

I understand. There is a thread regarding this addon which can help you a bit with your question. I am sure most of the answers you’re seeking are mentioned along the way. Stepper topic on blenderartists