Is there a plugin out there to make building walls/windows/doors/building stuff?

I want one that helps me generate/make walls windows and other architectural items. Anyone know one or two plugins for this?

If you’re using a buildbot version of Blender, you can enable the Testing category in the File -> User Preferences -> Addons and enable “Building Objects” in the Add Mesh category

It will add in the Add -> Mesh a new entry “Building Objects” that contain wall factory, window etc… , very usefull.

If you’re using only the “official” Blender releases, they always remove the contrib addon folder from those, so there’s no addon in the “Testing” category unfortunately, in such case download a buildbot version of Blender and transfer the addons_contrib folder to your “official” Blender so you can benefit from the big truckload of addons (and from the latest building object one)

Or you can download the addon there :
And click on the top on “Snapshot” to download it

Thanks guys!