Is there a plugin to make an island like this?

i’m familiar with the landscape mesh plugin which is great but it doesn’t have a preset for tower like islands like this


BTW, that’s Ko Tapu and it’s about a 1 hour boat ride from my house.

I don’t know whether there is a plug in for that, but what I’d do is cut it in two pieces, model the top piece normally, and model the bottom piece up side down. If you start from the same outline, you should be able to flip the bottom piece and match the two together, then add the trees.

Wow, that must be terrible to live there and be on the computer all day (LOL). You know that A.N.T. Tool also works on other objects. I would model the basic shape by hand, remesh it and use A.N.T. For basic stone shape’s:

thanks, so make something like a cylinder , taper in the bottom bit, then ‘remesh it and use A.N.T.’ , that’s the bit i’m not sure about but i’ll try, thanks

This is just a fast one. From left to right: tweaked cube, remesh and a.n.t., remesh and a.n.t. (finer details)
the z value should be higher for such rocks.
For more realistic, you can use a hand painted mask in a.n.t. , as an extra step, too.


I wonder, is it possible to simulate hydraulic erosion within Blender?

Sure, in the Landscape Eroder. There is also a texture based version of A.N.T. if you like that workflow more.


Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

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