Is there a pose library where I can download and install poses into Blender?

Just learning about posing characters and found I have a library (vers. 2.69) but see that it is empty. Is there a repository out there somewhere of free poses I can install in my Blender library?

Poses are particular to the armature. Since there are so many armatures available (including home made) a repository wouldn’t make sense. Even if you both used Rigify with no extra bones, just changing the meta rig to accomodate different characters means that any imported poses would look awkward on your character, so you’d have to basically redo the pose anyway. There are, however, motion capture libraries that can be set up to work with blender armatures. Do a search on ‘mocap blender’.

The pose library is for you to save your own poses for reuse. I’ve seen suggestions for saving different poses in a walk cycle (contact, high, low, passing), saving different hand gestures and poses (pointing, holding a pistol, making a fist) and saving facial expressions especially for lip sync.

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yes it is valid for the body movements,but what about the face expressions ?

Well what I do in my case is I export poses from Daz Studio and rename the vertex groups on the mesh according to the Daz armature with a script. It is just a renaming script that I manually matched with the bones once and I’m using it all the time.

It should be doable with a common armature though! Makehuman and MMD both have a premade pose library that seems to work well with any character you can come up with. MMD even has common animation sequences that work for all the models I have tried out. The problem is getting all of that into blender. Now perhaps all the models in MMD use the same body proportions, I don’t know. Though there does seem to be some variation in them. Makehuman’s characters can be all different shapes and sizes, but they are all human. The strange thing I notice in makehuman, I can apply a pose without even assigning one of the “skeletons” to the model? So one solution to a general pose (and animation) library would be to have categories for several different types of armatures, and saved in some way like makehuman does, so that they can be adjusted to the correct size of the character? I’ve worked for over 20 years using parametric 3d cad software (mostly Autodesk Inventor), and I don’t see why this couldn’t be accomplished for blender? I’m keeping a close eye on the MPFB 2.0 blender addon, it’s alpha state, so the work is ongoing, but it seems they will be adding some pose features to it, hopefully soon!

mixamo website ?
Or also carneggy mellon university.

You’ll have to retarget all to your rig though^^

Happy blending !

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honestly an underrated answer. im using miximo right now to get rigged characters in dynamic poses faster so that i can draw them.

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