Is there a problem with make edge face and dissolve selection in 2.79 on bevel surfac

I cannot get it to work right. I think 2.78.4 works okay. Thanks


How should I build this door arch so the geometry on the legs does not get ruined? If I make the inset faces one face below the curved single face the geometry is bad when I render. 2.78.4 is doing the same thing on this arch doorway.


I will try one more time.


Before you submit a bug report, keep in mind that faces by their nature can’t be a curved surface without producing artifacts or incorrect shading.

Now in many cases, a face that is slightly bent will not produce a noticeable issue when smooth shading and/oror subsurf is involved, but you can’t bend an Ngon up to 90 degrees and not expect an issue.

This isn’t a Blender thing either, chances are bending a face like that in the commercial apps. will give issues as well.

Thank you Ace Dragon. I won’t waste any more time on this. I really appreciate your help and suggestions. Have you seen renders of Enrico Cerica’s work? Amazing. Especially the Old-Micro-Brewery-Bar.