Is there a quick way to make LOTS of proxies?

I’m trying to link some characters into a scene, where each character may have 20-30 individual parts (or more). I want to be able to explicitly animate each part so I have to make a proxy of each part. It’s also important that each proxy have the same name as it’s counterpart in the original file.

As it stands now, i’m having to manually click on the group node, ctl-alt-p and select one object at a time, then manually rename the resulting proxy to match it’s original object name.

Needless to say, this is REALLY tedious. Is there a faster way to do this? Is there a way to bring in linked scenes just like they are in the original scene, with each object selectable and animatable right from the start?

Does anyone have any insight on how I might speed this workflow up?

EDIT: I usually use “groups” to do my linking, hence the convoluted workflow listed above. I know that you can just import the objects directly and that circumvents the issue above. I actually kind of fear that workflow, as importing objects directly has left out certain things that were attached to them in the source file, like materials or constraints. Importing objects as a group seems to bring in everything correctly. Does anyone have any insight on just what gets left out of a direct object link? This is kind of dark arcane territory in blender, as it’s not well documented.