is there a quick way to uniformly unwrap a cylinder like object?

(weee) #1

for example to quickly unwrap this object to such UV map?

(colkai) #2

That to me is how I would expect it to look. If the uvmap was all perfect rectangles, then the image on the object would be distorted.
There is “quad unwrap” in the uv window. select one face in the uv window, (make sure all are selected in edit mode, SPACEBAR and search for quad unwrap and apply, it will turn the map into rectangles.


QuadUV.blend (1.71 MB)

(Mike J. Gee) #3


  1. Unwrap with cylinder-projection
  2. Set “Direction” to “Align to Object” <-- left panel - down at the bottom - leave the rest as it is the blend from colkai.

It’s litterally the second possible solution :cool: