Is There A Quicker Way to Move My Rig Around?

For some reason I can’t figure out a quick way to adjust my characters arms. I am trying to have them talk about something and have their arms gesture but moving from just a resting pose to a arm extended out is taking really long for me to do. Is there a quicker way? Like i tried using the R + 90 + enter to move the arm 90 degrees but it didn’t do anything like what i wanted…I mean I can eventually get the characters arms to do what I want but it takes way too long

Bump anyone?

Animation posing does take a long time. Looks like the rest pose is the T pose right?

You should consider rigging in the A pose.

To do this, follow these steps.

Pose your character into the A pose.

Apply the modifier which will also delete it.

Select the bones in Pose Mode and go to Pose/Apply

Add another Armature modifier to the mesh and chose the rig.

Now it will be easier to animate natural poses.

Be prepared that animation is a very very very very long and tedious process.