Is there a script for importing Truespace COB or SCN files?

I primarily model with TS 7.6 as I’ve found it easier to create models with then Blender, but I’m trying to import TS COB and/or SCN files into Blender for exportation using a custom XSI 1.1 version python script written by an associate for a game called, Battlezone II Combat Commander. Does Blender support COB/SCN animation? How would I go about writting a custom COB/SCN importer for Blender?:eyebrowlift2:

Can’t you just export from Truespace as OBJ, 3DS or LWO?

You can find (an old) one here: Maybe you could improve it, since I’m not sure how good it works.

Or you could use Atom’s suggestion.

Good luck :slight_smile: