Is there a "section view" in blender?

Sometimes I want to see a section of a model, especially to clearly look inside into the model. as shown in this one:

Is this possible in blender?

you can key the alpha of a material to make it disappear.

For rendering, how about animating the “Clip Start” for the camera.

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I think I know what you are talking about. If you press “Numpad .” it should view what you have selected.

I have a Logitech mouse with a couple more buttons than the standard 3 (i mention this because it helped me find what I was looking for)

If you go to the Blender User Preferences and then to the Input tab and then to 3D View and finally into 3D View (Global).

The one I use specifically for what i think you are describing is called View Selected.
I changed the hot-key from “Keyboard Numpad .” to Mouse “Button4 Mouse”.

What that does is no matter what i have selected, if I press that mouse button, my selection fills the screen. The other thing it does is re-centers the axis of the viewport so that if you Middle Mouse Button rotate, it rotates around your selection now, instead of what it thinks you want to rotate around.

If you select one Vertex and then View Selected, it zooms right down to that so you can manipulate it nicely. If you have an object (ie. a wheel) and then View Selected, it will make the wheel fill the viewport. Hope this helps

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There is also a new addition making it possible for you to use a boolean object which will display two surfaces as you cut through you model. It’s quick and dirty, and does not always have the desired effect.

I can’t see the reference image but you can do a section view using alt+b and drawing a box over the area you want displayed. The rest will be cropped from the view (temporarily). You can get out of this view by pressing alt+b again.


Where is this function in 2.8?

I just created an account to say thank you for your genius comment! I was trying to make booleans that were taking ages to compute and then i read your comment…and my mind was blown