Is there a short cut to extend the length of a strip to the cursor position? VSE

(Michael George) #1

I’m using Power Sequencer and Quick Functions addons. To extend the length of a strip I use the following:

  1. Select the end of the strip.
  2. Press G.
  3. Move the mouse to the required position.

Actually, I’d like to click on the required position so that the cursor moves there. Then, I’d like to press a shortcut so that the end of the strip jumps to that position automatically without dragging or moving the mouse.

Thank you so much,

(SterlingRoth) #2

pressing ‘k’ will cut the strip at the cursor, then you can delete whichever side you don’t want.

(Serge L) #3

Don’t know about add-on, but default Shift+S snaps start/end or whole strip to cursor.

(Michael George) #4

Thank you so much for your reply. It works when I would like to shorten the strips but it will not really work when I would like to make them longer. To use it, I think I need to set the default size when I insert a photo to be long enough.

(Michael George) #5

I thinks Shift+S changes the position, not the length. Thank you anyway,

(Serge L) #6

That depends on which part of the strip you select, either start/end arrow, or whole strip

(tin2tin) #7

When using Quick Functions add-on right-click-and-hold, until a menu pops up, showing you the edit options you have at the current position.

[EDIT: Seems that Quick Cut > Trim Left/Right does what you’re after if you don’t want the following strips to ripple, or else try the Ripple Trim Left/Right]