Is there a shortcut for the little eye icon in the outliner?

Im looking for a keyboard shortcut for the little eye icon in the outliner… (disable in viewport)
I want to be able to click on a object, en then disable it in the viewport without going to the outliner first.

I know I can press H to hide…but im talking about disabling it in the viewport

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I believe if you watch the object in the outliner, that is exactly what it does currently. Pressing H will just make it invisible in the viewport which includes disabling the eye icon. I’m not sure that is what you mean though, could you clarify?

My apologies…im not talking about the equivalent of the eye icon (which is pressing H)…im talking about the equivalent of the ‘tv screen’ icon (disable in viewport)

Ah I see, yeah I rarely use those but I know what you are talking about. Have you attempted to add a shortcut yet? Right click and then click ‘Assign Shortcut’ and that should work. I just tested it on 2.82a and it seems to work as expected.

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aaah i didnt know you can even assigns shortcuts to icons… I thought it was only for text commands…

You are works! thanks a bunch :slight_smile: