Is there a shortcut key for shifting between solid view and textured view?

I tried searching for an answer in earlier posts, but afaik, there’s no other post that satisfactorily answers my question.

Sorry if its a n00b-ey question, but I’m foxed when it comes to switching to the “textured view” or “materials view” in the viewport. Is there a hotkey I can use to do so? (you know, like shift+z for rendered view)


Alt + Z toggles between solid and textured.

Whoa! I completely missed that. Tanks a ton. But is there also a way to switch (similarly) to materials view?

But is there also a way to switch (similarly) to materials view?
Make your own. User Preferences / Input. Do search for key-binding of Z to see the correct format in the 3D View section. Set the value to MATERIAL for material view

You could create your own key combination. Just copy one that exists and add Ctrl for example and put in MATERIAL like in this pic.
Type everything exactly.

I think SHIFT-Z is the default way to get the viewport rendered in cycles preview mode.

Thanks for the help guys! Figured it out, I’ve set a slightly long combo, (blender has waay too many keyboard shortcuts).

Cheers! Marking this as solved.

For the future: