Is there a simple way to randomly generate transforms in Pose Mode?

I’m specifically looking for a way to generate idle animation. I know you can randomize the transform of objects. I’m looking for a simple way to do it in Pose Mode.

I did find this:
I’m just not sure if it would work in Pose Mode.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Your terminology is a little vague because you can’t transform objects in Pose mode period. I’ll assume you meant bones/controls in the armature.

bpy.ops.transform.translate and bpy.ops.transform.rotate work on selected bones in Pose mode. You could randomize the value argument to get random transforms.

You can select things and use the Info space and the Python Console space to test this by hand yourself.

Thanks for the response.
Yeah, I’m a little new to Blender, so I apologize for the vague terminology. I also think scripting is a little beyond the scope of what I’m capable of doing.
Thanks again though.

Perhaps message the addon author on Blender Market and ask if their addon will randomize the position/rotation of bones in Pose mode?

I did that, but his stuff is about three years old. Thanks.