Is there a snow tool for blender?

I was wondering if a tool like this is possible in blender?

Would an addon like this be useful? if so, I can start working on it.

You can use as startpoint the mesh extract tool in sculpttools and than tweak it.

that looks like a cool tool. If you select all the faces that look up in positive Z with the Select Similar/Normal tool + add Solidify and Remesh modifier then you get a pretty good snow effect.

Awesome alberto is awesome

This need a good node setup for the snow bump structure…

Managed to get it working using marching cubes algorithm. It maps the proximity on the object for defined points, and generates the snow on release. Might have to be a modal operator for realtime updates.

wow! are you using code used to make your EasyClouds addon on the BlenderMarket?

WOW that so neat and fun, I want to go out and freeze the whole blended world

I can see a lot of renders now including snow thanks to Albertofx … ha ha. You’re a rockstar!