Is there a spacer tool for 2.8 that spaces meshes equally apart from each other?

Is there a way for Blender 2.8 to space the meshes so that the gap between them is the same ? [NOT distance between the pivot points, but based the outer most bounding box of each mesh ]

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If dimensions is accurately portraying the bounding box, it sounds like it should be possible via scripting which I unfortunately know nothing about. What is it for? I tried spaced object in a linked asset file, but the offsets are a major pain when using the asset object in the main file.

You could try a physics sim with gravity turned off and using a box hull. But other than that the only thing I could think of would be some armature stuff and constraints…maybe shrinkwrap, I’m not sure what your end need is.

That just repeats the same mesh(s), he might be wanting to use on arbitrary meshes.

I meant loop over selected objects, find the one with biggest dimensions, and position everything in an array based on obtained dimension, or is it a packing algorithm? . I’m not sure what is meant with “meshes”, so I assume objects. Without graphics to look at, I’m really confused about what he’s asking about. Anyhow, scripting is not my thing, so I’ll leave it up to the rest of you.

I don’t know an addon dedicated to this task.
There is probably a room for an addon about objects arrangement.
When we think about such thing ; we think about tricks using array modifier and duplis, particles, addon for procedural modeling, scattering things randomly.

So, an addon of reference that would be simple to use would be welcomed.

It behave like these two icons in Flash’s align tool.
This is one of the reason why Flash is so powerful.
Just the align tool itself…WOW…
The ability to distribute objects equally spaced apart.

I haven’t tried it but maybe this would work for you…

Wow, that is Waaay too many button for this one thing.
Remember the icon that I show you one post up ?
It could do this !
That’s what I feel a lot of Blender users also want.
A simple spacer.