Is there a specialist tutorial course with modules, for businesses?


I have been asked to get some 2D artist colleagues trained up in 3D software. Some of them will be learning Blender, some will learn Maya or Max.

I would like to use an online training course, broken down into modules, with an recommendation as to how long it should take to learn (eg. “Module 1 - 5days worth of learning”) and with some testing at the end. There would be a recommendation as to how long the complete course would take (eg. 3 months, 6 months etc).

It might consist of video tutorials, one-on-one remote tuition, or a combination of the two.

Ideally, there would be one company that will do this for all 3D software. However, I am a bit wary of using Lynda or other tutorial sites that claim to train people in EVERY software from accountancy to games dev, because in the past I have felt quality and relevance is diminished by not having people on board who understand specific industry requirements.

Thanks for reading!

Lynda is usually pretty good. The instructors tend to be industry professionals, so they know what’s important to learn. What is that you want your artists to be? Generalists or specialists? That will dictate where you go for training.