Is there a tool for this? (cut/seperate edges)

I dont know how to ask this properly so I prepared a few screenshoots.

I have a solid mesh (pic 1) and I want to “cut” it in the selected edges. The result will be the pic 2 ( you can see the result more clearly in pic 3 ). Imagine you have a knife and cutting the skin across the edges.

Is there a way to do that? A tool or a script? Thanks in advance.

that would be the mesh ripping tool. I believe it is hotkey V

Thanks for the reply but the ripping tool only works for quads.

if you select vertex instead of edge than it may work on some tris but not all the time

but try it if it works fine - otherwise there is a french site with a sript to open a mesh
if you want it il’ll try to relocate this script