Is there a trim dinamic alike brush alternative in blender?

I´m trying to achieve the same effect as with the trim dinamic brush from zbrush in blender but i dont get a result i like.
I tried using the flaten-polish brush with trim enabled but not even close, it just seems to flatten the surface and its not as usefull as trim dinamic for establish planes in sculpt…

what do you use for this purppose and as a trim dinamic substitute?

Scrape/Peaks may be of help, sometimes with locked Area Plane (press a lock to the left of the plane selector). But it won’t have the effect of “inversed” Trim Dynamic (like when you press, what’s it, Alt in ZBrush?), i.e. you can’t really lay on form with it, just trim.

definitely the scrape brush with area plane locked is the closest finished i can get to trim dinamic but i dont have any control about the stroke at all so is barely useful… It has that hard surface finished but i cant use it because it trims where it wants and not where I want it to do it…

Or maybe I dont know how to use it , I will give it a try though. apart from the scrape brush, nobody is developing an trim dinamic even if it is still an alpha brush or brush or something like that for hard surface sculpting in blender?

Sculpting tools are being slowly improved, but you have to understand that Blender’s not ZBrush, we can’t expect any rapid developments in sculpting department.

As for controlling the stroke, I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

I know i know, blender has improved a lot in the last year I have no complain about that, I was just asking not demanding :stuck_out_tongue:

By controlling the stroke I mean that when I lock the area plane Im very limited and the brush just affects an specific area, and I cant, lets say, trim a large area at once, i must do it at very little steps and that makes an awfull result, its not an uniform trimed finish as you can achieve with trim dinamic, and if I want that hard surface feeling i dont have any controll at all because the brush seems to trim the angle it wants and not always the surfaces i want it to, so i cant controll where it will put the hard edges at all its more or less random. Its pretty difficult to me to explain it in english, i hope you understand what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Or at least I cant make it work properly,I dont know if any of you work with this brush and if you are able to achieve a good result, I was looking for some info about this in blender and no luck so far, neither a hard surface sculpting example or something like that, so i dont know.

Yes, that is so unfortunately: when you lock the plane, it will only affect small area. Hard surface sculpting in Blender is very hard to do, at least using only brushes. But you can still get some ideas from Roberto Roch’s skin modifier doodles.