Is there a way i can make my mirror modified object into a mesh?

Alright so here’s what I’m trying to do.

I made this character that mirrors the left side of the body onto the right side.

But then I thought about doing a tattoo for this character but the textures are mirrored.

I also want to stick on a logo texture on my characters shirt which appears on the left side only; but the only way I know how to make a perfectly even shirt is by mirroring it.

So how can I make this mirrored object into an actual mesh?

If not that, is there any other alternate way of doing this?

When you say that the character mirrors the left to the right, i assume you’re talking about the Mirror modifier, so, you just have to go in the modifiers tab and click “Apply” in the mirror modifier, then the mirrored side will be converted in to a real editable mesh.
If the UV’s are still mirrored you have to re-UV unwrap, as the UV unwrapping is made after this type of modelling.

OMG. I cant believe it was THAT, Simple! Thanks dude. lol. I appreciate it.