Is there a way in 3ds max to combine all objects into one?

Basically when I model in Blender, the model is one object, since after creating a mesh in object mode I switch to edit mode and Blender treats it as a single entity.

In 3Ds Max it’s different, and theres no indication - i believe, if your working with multiple or a single object(unless it is an actual single mesh in the 3d view like a cube or something).

The problem is that I want to turn my complex model that consists of multiple objects into one. I tried grouping, but didn’t help, boolean adding doesn’t fit the needs.

Is there any other working way in 3Ds Max to turn a complex model consisting of multiple objects into one big object(only in 3Ds Max, no use of import into Blender and Ctrl + J combo)?

turn one of the object into an editable poly or add the edit poly modifier. click ‘attach’ then select the other object.

or Compound Objects -> Connect

It worked!
Many thanks.

It worked for me too , Thanks very much !

… how time flies …

Yeah . I saw the date . So long ago .