Is there a way or an addon to somehow group animation sequences and move them as bloc

I’m struggling real bad at making animation from scratch. Whenever i add a new piece of movement somewhere, it meses all that i previously done. Is there a way to make animations of objects individual and move them around as packs that has no influence onto other animations?

Say… Imagine i have a character. I’ve got actions that i make and i’m yet unsure in what order i will put them but i know that they subsist on a fragile glass wire that could entirely break with just one additionnal keyframe… So i pack it… Then i get packs like “sit” “wave” “jump” “look up” “go to position A” “Go to position B” “return from position B” “Sneeze” “throw snowball” and all these actions enters into a play that i’m yet to organize. Obviously, i work real hard to make a seamless animation with no cuts so i won’t just render small sequences which would be totally not practical anyway… But i want the whole animation to be consistent.

Stuff gets more complicated adding in camera control and camera rig, environmental effects, multiple characters and so on.

I tried to make an animation yesterday and rendered anyway just to have clues about what to fix, what to add and remove and what texture reacts good and bad to what light and so on… A quick sketch that takes 2 hours to render and won’t even serve in production. Anything i’ve put in that animation is wasted because i have to do it all over.

All those useless parameters like X Y rotation on a Z only rotation… <> …Just gets in the way… And those countless stacked together losanges that has no personality just makes me lost in the making and all it makes me do is getting points in the bad order.

Is there any plugin (other than animation node that isn’t compatible with python 3.6.2 and that i cant compile because i ain’t no programmer) that i can use to package and sequence small animations realtime? Or a workflow that would help me be more organized with what’s already there?

Edit: After looking around already existing posts in this subsection i found out the existence of this menu as screenshotted… Now my question is: Are there nice tutorials about this function? (Of crouse ill try to figure it out myself)