is there a way somehow move whit mouse like online games?

is there a way somehow , move charater whit mouse like online games?

yes, there is a way somehow move wiht mouse like online games

lol lol lol You are my Hero z3r0 d.

I never play online games. Does the mouse move differently on them?

I like your new avatar better, Zero. The last one made me think you were always angry.

to move with the mouse like online games… you… er… i dunno what you mean.

EDIT!: yeah… he means first person shooters… definately. z3ro d is the one who helped me out with this a while ago so maybe he still has some .blends to get you started.

I think he means like runescape, or my personal favorite Neverwinter Nights. You can click a spot on the ground and your character moves there.

yes like Neverwinter Nights and runescape but more like Neverwinter Nights

i think he means guild wars…like where you click the character moves to…im glad hes been so responsive and helpful the damn idiot

This might help :slight_smile: :

it dosnt help and the file what was there it was very slow