Is there a way to add a clip image texture in Cycles?

I couldn’t find a way to add an image without repeating it, and UV texturing everything is a pain. The vector Coordinates Node doesn’t have that option.
So, Is there a way?

Yes! I just had to do this very recently. Its in mapping; it would have to be like this: Texture coordinates---- Vector Mapping ---- Image texture. The higher the scale, the more it repeats, the lower, the less.

Also, interesting note, if you place the mapping AFTER the texture, it just changes the color of the texture.

But I want to clip the texture - A single image without repeat. The resolution just sets the size of it, but it continues to be repeated, just in bigger sizes.
So is there a way to switch between Clip/Repeat texture?

Well at a value of 1, shouldn’t that mean that it does not repeat at all? Wouldn’t that give you similar results?

No, since I want to resize the texture without repeating it

Is there a solution to this yet?