Is there a way to add spheres evenly to ShapeKey Sphere to plane?

I’m trying to Animate a sphere turning into a plane, I’m using shape keys and have the animation down (probably not the best way or done the best way) and I can’t get the spheres I want instanced to the object more evenly distributed (geometry is crap, but I need the sphere to open up like that). Does anyone have a possible solution?

SphereToPlane.blend (2.1 MB)

Hi @Sey.Makes.Art,

There was no animation in your blender file, so going on a guess that you want to make the small spheres on the center ball ( of your middle image ) arrange as they are on the Lefthand ball ( in that image ) swap out your Point Distribute Node for an Attribute Proximity one:


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sorry about that, it’s not key framed, the animation is in the shape keys, I should of animated it, but the 0 to 1 shape key shows the morph

Do you know if there is a way to evenly distribute it? see how the spheres have a strange curve following the topology verts. I’m wondering if i can connect them so it looks even and as I turn the shape key to 1 the spheres open up evenly.

Based on the way your plane animates into the sphere ( like pushing a ball from under a piece of cloth ) then there is no way to avoid having the vertices that form the perimiter of the disc all cramping together at the base of the sphere shape - as would happen in the cloth analogy.

Meanwhile, any animated change to the topology of the mesh will cause the smaller spheres to jump around, which I presume you don’t want. Like this method . . .

If the final sphere topology has to be clean, then you will need to start from a sphere and transform that to the disc shape to implement the animation, like inflating a hot air balloon.


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