Is there a way to adjust the step of perspective pan or zoom?

Hello, I happen to have some problems with the step of view modifications such as zoom pan or other.
Is there a user preference to adjust that? or a trick such as sizing the whole scene?
in case that would be impossible, is there a procedure available to suggest future developpements?

Ctrl + MMB zoom like a boss.

Yes I know that but the step of that one is sometimes too large too.

What step are you talking about ?, you need to hold down the MMB ( use it as a button) and not scroll it and it will zoom as much as you move your mouse.

Yes I know that. Sorry that you don’t understand! I don"t know how I could explain better? For pan for example, it’s about the same step than for this zoom you indicate me. The increment is too large. It’s like it’s going too far at each move. Understand?

I think i know what you want , you need to play with mouse acceleration in the OS settings,

it is already at the minimum… and no it’s the increment that is too large, not really a question of sensitivity…

Try to zoom to your selected object using " , "(period) on the numpad. It changes the limits of zoom and after that it always works the way I want. It works also in edit edit mode with parts selected.

Thanks cdog I’ll try that!

It works !! period is the solution!!!