Is there a way to backport geometry nodes?

My pc sucks, and it doesn’t run versions of blender above 2.76, and I thought that could be a way to someone (because I suck at coding) make a backport of the geometry nodes for blender 2.76, I doesn’t even know if it’s possible, but, if someone make that backport, it will be cool, but, if not (and if it’s possible) I will try to make myself, and, as I said, I suck at coding, so, I willl need some help to know how I make a geometry node addon.

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It’s not possible, the geometry nodes are written in C. You could try and port the C code over to an older build of Blender and recompile, but your odds of success are probably closer to 0% than 1%, given how much the source code has changed since 2.76. Sorry!


i’m really struggling trying to rationalize how the effort involved with backporting geometry nodes to a version of Blender that is nearly TEN years old is less than the effort involved with scraping together enough cash to buy a newer PC. If you want something akin to geometry nodes that is written in Python and works on ancient versions of Blender, just use an old version of Sverchok.

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you can also try animation nodes, which can do also lots of these stuff…and even much more.

And to be honest: if you are really able to “backport” geometry nodes successfully…then you don’t need geometry nodes at all. Then you can do “limitless” animations just by code - which isn’t limited by what geometry nodes provides :wink:

I have a weak PC as well CPU:i5-2320 and GPU:GTX650 but and it can run Blender nicely. But I always try not to push lots of graphics into the screen, for simple jobs it can handle the heat.

So, i’m trying to build blender to test it, but I have to install dependencies and I don’t know how, I found a bat file that install all the dependencies automaticaly but the file is trying to install the dependencies for blender 3.4, is there something that I can do other than install all the dependencies manually?