Is there a way to boost blenders memory caching?

Im not sure if this is in the right forum or how to ask it but I noticed when using zbrush that I could take the model up almost 50 million polygons if the max poly bar was set that high. Can blender be modified to do that too? I ask this because I’m looking to start rendering some nature scenes with lots of tree’s but blender struggles with just one. It lags and the render taken forever.


the algorithms used by blender are not so powerful, also remember that blender is open source a freely available, Zbrush uses patented technology and is probably developed by mathematicians and engineerings.

this problem is well known for a long time and i think that without some patented technologies will remain unsolved.
also take in account that blender makes heavy use of python which is a scripting language with an interpreter and it’s not a compiled one.

Hi JMtheCONQUERER, may you can solve the problem with particle instances.
Take one tree as object in a “small” particle system, randomize size, rotation and so forth.
Setup more particle systems. Reduce display value, switch on Instances in render > performance, switch to a different acceleration structure.
Work in wireframe mode if necessary, use layers.
I managed 20 Million polys easy with my rig > is in my sig. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib.