Is there a way to capture streaming video from the net ?

Is there software out there that will allow me to capture streaming video on the net, such as real players .ram format and save it as a .avi or mpeg format on my hard drive. If not is there something that will allow me to take the sound from a streaming video and save it as a wave format?

There are a couple of videos I would like to use some blender effects on. It would help if the software would work on linux but not necessary. Any help would be appreciated.

I dunno if this would work or not, but try right clicking the link to the streaming video and click ‘save as’? Maybe this would work, maybe not, I dunno…But once it’s on your hard disk, there’s bound to be some sort of converter available for it on the net. Yahoo would be a good place to start…

Let me know if this works (I hope it does, coz I’m not too sure about it!!)


Google is a better place to start. :stuck_out_tongue:


To create tutorial videos for educational reason you can use an opensource program called Rendersoft Camstudio that lets you screen capture whatever that is happening in your computer screen into movie file. However, this only runs on windows but you can still check it out at google search engine.

the only way to get it is to use a screen capture utility (TechSmith Camtasia works nicely) to record the output that the streaming video is giving you. If you also want the audio, you will have to set your recording input to “Mixer”.

For audio, it is easier. All you have to do is set your recording input to “Mixer” and any sound your sound card makes (including the streaming audio) can be recorded using your faviortie sound capture app.

Hello all,
try total recorder under the link

look under Astalavista for a Cr++k for it

it logs on to the url from the server and downloads from there

hope this helps

I thought it’s only for audio (no video stream) ?!

look under Astalavista for a Cr++k for it

You will be flamed with these kind of advices in this forum.

OOps slip of the keyboard sorry… :slight_smile:

You could try the asf recorder that does streaming vid i think

Thanks when I get home I will try it out.

Hello Homer,

To capture streaming video from the internet and save it locally, I
recommend using the MPlayer suite of software. Make sure that
mencoder is compiled as well. Then read the encoding.html help
file that comes with the MPlayer source. It contains the other instructions
that you need.

This will allows you to either save the streaming video in its native format, or
re-encode the video in a format of your choosing (AVI MS-MPEG4, MPEG-2,
AVI RAW, etc.) if your computer is fast enough.