Is there a way to change a certain material color and automatically change instances of that color?

I have a scene with different objects that all have a different material…

However, most of them share the same color blue

is there a way to set this color globally? So as soon as i change this one attribute…it will change all the others materials that have this attribute?

If I change the color blue…i dont want to change it for all the other materials as well…

You can use custom properties for this- make a custom color property, copy as new driver, paste it into the material

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You can do it with drivers - though not on the colour directly. Choose one of the objects to have the master colour. This is the one that you will edit. Click on the colour to pop up the colour editor. Right click over the Red value and copy as new driver. Go to the target object, click the colour, right click over the red value, and paste driver.

Repeat for the green and blue channels.

Now, whenever you modifier the colour of the master, the other will change as well.

Something new I noticed in 3.5 alpha:

You now have a “View Layer” Input Attribute Type which according to its description takes a value from the “View Layer, Scene or World”.

I created a new World Custom Property with Type Float Array and sub-type Linear Color, named it and it works!

You can copy the Attribute to all your materials and it’ll use the “World Property” of that name.

Hope that helps.

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Yes thank you everybody for you help… i got it to work… have a good weekend all!