Is there a way to change Index Stream or Index Format change in Blender?

Hello everyone, I have been using CryBlend and CryEngine to do some game development and… well every time someone exports from Blender to CryEngine a warning message pops out that says “Warning: Converting index stream from 32 bit to 16 bit”. I have the idea that it might have something to do with vertex accuracy in blender. Anyway my question is…
Is there a way to change this setting in Blender?
I think there is none as I’ve been searching all over documentation and the user preferences in Blender. I was hoping someone could explain me what is index stream or index format, and if there is or not a way to change this in Blender.
In the end, it really doesn’t seem to affect meshes on CryEngine, but that is just what it looks like. There must be a reason why CryEngine has this warning.