Is there a way to change order of Material Properties menu?

Yo! I use nodes most of the time in shader editor, but I also often use the Material Properties menu a bunch for quick and dirty stuff… Here is the thing: The new Principled BSDF seems to have even more subsurface-related crap in there now with 3.0 (and for some inexplicable reason at the very top of menu right after base color!), and I honestly use subsurface crap maybe one in twenty mats on a good day. I would effing LOVE to shove all these five subsurface items to the very bottom of my Material Properties menu… Is this something that can be achieved relatively easily, perhaps through some little script or something I can have with my prefs? I have not played with scripting in blender, though I am a seasoned JS programmer. Please advise. Pretty please.

Maybe you could make a Node Group with only a Principled BSDF inside. I think inputs can be arranged however you need.

Select BSDF and Add > Group > Make Group (Ctrl + G). It will create the nodegroups with all the sockets connected to inputs and output. Change order in the panel to the right with arrows.
Or disconnect whatever you don’t need.

I appreciate your effort to help, but I want to change the order of the Material Properties menu, not nodes in Shader Editor… Anyone know how to change the order of the Material Properties menu?

Oh, ok.

…but Material Properties just shows last node to be plugged into Surface output, no?


Hmmm… I will have to check this out later. Thankee!