Is there a way to change the default texture type/settings


When I give my models textures they are png images 99% of the time. Yet when I create a new texture the default type is set to clouds. Changing this every single time seems a bit unnecessary work so I’m asking if there is any way to tell Blender that the default texture type should always be image/movie?

I think the default is ‘None’, but if you change it to ‘Image or Movie’, then CTRL+U to save as user default, it should always be ‘Image or Movie’.

Use File -> Load Factory Settings, then CTRL+U to restore the defaults.

Hi and thanks for your response!

I tested what you suggested but it didn’t work: still when I create a new texture for a material in the texture panel, the default texture type that shows up is “clouds” which I then have to manually go and change to be “image or movie”.

I’m not sure if changing something like this is even possible in Blender… But I’m still hoping it is!