Is there a way to chroma key a single video that's been imported as an image plane?


set up a material like this…

If yr in Eevee, you will need to enable blend modes on material.

Thank you. Don’t suppose you could be a little more detailed on where I should go to do that? I’m still very new to all this. Also, that picture is very blurry, so I can’t see what any of the text says. Thanks again.

Go to the shading editor.

That’s awesome, thank you.

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the image node can be setup to run animations, stick in how many frames you have, make sure auto refresh is on or you may not see the image update!

this mixes a transparent material with another the factor being controlled by a colorramp.

What type of file is the video?

I thought that there were NO video types that supported Alpha channel.

There are… Several actually… HuffYUV is a codec that supports it, it’s a bit old though… Quicktime Animation codec also supports alpha. But the footage he asked about in this thread was greenscreen footage, so it doesn’t have alpha…

this setup doesnt use/need an alpha channel,

check out the HAP codec too, alpha supported.

ps, theres a reason for my screenname…

Thanks, will do.

So I set it all up like you picture showed. its worked to an extent, but I can’t seem to tweak the ColourRamp just right so that it only gets rid of the green. I tried as many different combinations with the original black and white colours, as well as using the eyedropper tool on both of the dials separately, but anyway I do it either leaves some green or removes some of the image as well. Any tips?

keep yr coloramp to black and white, we are only dealing with a mask, if you want some finer control, a curves ramp before coloramp to control channels.

garbage mattes can be added, by adding a math node after the coloramp set to add, and put another shape in.

Your footage looks like its cg on green? anyways pull the white slider toward the black…

My picture doesnt key well, but its a really bad photo as I have nothing else to use atm,…

Thanks, I’ll give all that a try.

It’s an mp4

Ah, is it?

Good luck getting a key…

You’d be better off rotoscoping it all down to frames.

It did it perfectly when I did it in the compositor. But once exported and imported back in as a image plane, then the background is just black and not transparent.

Would another file type work better?

yeah export it from the compositer as a frame sequence, using an image file that supports alpha!

then load those frames in and use the alpha channel out from the image node in yr material.

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“You’d be better off rotoscoping it all down to frames.”

I had a feeling that this might become a possible solution.

If he does use this as his solution, he may as well re-render it as frames with transparent background, right?

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