Is there a way to 'clone' or copy one side of a sculpt to the opposite side?

Sup all,

I’ve been lurking here for a bit and decided to register…this is my first post.

In short I’m a little stumped. I want to make a chest plate out of a single sculpt and I am boggled by some of the restrictions required to export the model properly. In a nutshell I:

  • Cannot delete any vertices.
  • Can’t mirror a sculpt, join and merge. I have to work from the same object. (I attempted this numerous times but the exporter for SL only picks up one side of the texture map and the deleted vertices seem to leave funky gaps in the sculpt, even when I bake and ‘fill holes’).

What I want to do is work from one side essentially and then repeat the opposite effect on the other side of the sculpt. Is this even possible? I used to do something similar in my max days when I was making content for Neverwinter Nights, but I’ve since moved on to Blender. I’m confined by the sculpty meshes designed for export into Second Life (how I wish I could just reuse my old sculpts from NWN, but they all look like garbage in SL, and most don’t even work).

I think I figured it out.

I think I can mirror the vertices so long as I keep everything neat. I didn’t click the Mirror V Texture Coordinate in the mirror dialogue box :no:

I think I can help.

Depending on how your initial mesh is setup, you can do one of two things:

  1. If you have the whole mesh there & only want to sculpt 1/2 of it & have the other half automaticly made: go in to sculpt mode, editing menu (F9), sculpt tab, then press a “symmetry” button depending on how the mesh is setup. That will duplicate your sculpting on the X/Y/Z axis of the object.

  2. if you only have 1/2 of your mesh & want yo sculpt only that half & want the other half automatically created, select your mesh, go to the edit menu (F9), modifier tab, add the “mirror” modifier. That adds the exact same mesh on the X/Y/Z axis. Adjust “merge limit” to set how separated they are. You cna only sculpt the real side, the other you can’t. When you’re done apply the modifier.