Is there a way to controle the tracer particles emited by the fluid sim?

I know nothing about scripting, but I REALLY need to address a limitation from the fluid simulator (not the particle based, the grid based, the older one). Maybe someone could point me in the most direct approach…

The fluid that Niels created has a “bonus” of emitting particles. It is very necessary for a realistic simulation, but it is so limited that makes me wonder why is it even there.

This tracer is an option that detects certains levels of energy in the collisions (I suppose, but it really looks like that) and spawn particles there. Those particles can be of 3 types (actually, just 3 behaviours), tracer, float and drop.
The float particles, the most important one for me, will create particles inside the fluid that will simply go on the direction of gravity, depending on its value. Just that, they are completely oblivious of the force or direction of the fluid around it. Then, once they hit the fluid surface, they die.

You can see examples here

My use is in this video

Here is where they are being created.

The fluid has a vortex and speed, but the particles completely ignore that, just going straight up.
If I had some way of changing their direction, I could manually force them to go in the direction of the vortex. But they would still need to die once they hit the surface, just like in Niel’s tool.

Is there a possible approach for someone as crude to scripting as I am to do this?

That would be super important for me. Thanks for any help.