Is there a way to copy the animation to another project?

Both files have the same model, but the first one that also has the keyframes is in Blender render and the later in cycles, with some improvements and no animation at all. Is it possible to copy the animation to the second version?

EDIT: I tried append but I couldn’t make it work.

Append the Action and then select the action in the action editor (select in the graph editor window)

I select the action which shows up in the timeline but it doesn’t animate!

This is an old work I’m trying to restore. There are two armatures on the same model. Selecting one bone and pressing ‘A’ twice, selects only half of the bones (that belong to one armature). Probably that’s where the problems start…

BTW, Is there a way to delete all actions including makehuman etc along with their …accessories?
I can’t find them on my drive (?!?!?!)

I managed to make it work at last. There were two different actions that run simultaneously, one for each armature. It seems that the problem was that on the second project there were two empty actions with the same name and somehow ‘Append’ didn’t work. After I made ‘new’ actions with different names on the first project (only the names not the animation), then appended them and selected the new names on the second one, one for each armature, then I could animate it. Too many hours lost, I was about to quit… fortunately I didn’t!