Is there a way to create a low poly emission texture

Hello my friends,
I’m trying to create a low poly Tv and I want to make the screen emit light
is there any way to keep it low poly and give it an emission texture .
currently am using this as a texture.

Have you tried to just put your texture to the colour input of the emission node?

I tried but all the colors this way will be emitting coz all the colors in one texture

I’m not really sure how you mean. Do you mean that the TV screen is the same mesh as the rest of the TV?
If that’s the case, I see it as two alternatives.

  1. Either use one extra object as the TV screen.
  2. Or assign different materials to the different faces on the TV.

Or post the blend and we can take a look :slight_smile:


yes the screen is is the same mesh as the rest of TV and I’m using the texture i posted above to assign it to deferent parts of the TV mesh, thats why I’m asking if there is a way to make the screen texture emit using the same image texture without adding another material.

because am making a low poly objects I’m trying to use the texture above for all the objects so when importing it to softwares like unity … you wont have a problem with material or uv map.

Well, I have no idea about shader workings inside unity so I can’t help you there.
Somehow you have to tell the shader which part to make emissive. You could you use vertex paint to specify it to Cycles, but I don’t know if it’s transferable to other programs. One solution could of course be to use another texture as emission information, basically just on/off. If that’s acceptable for your project I think that’s the simplest way.

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thank you so much for the help :slight_smile:

No problem, just ask again if you don’t get it working! :beers:

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Does the screen get it’s own space on the texture map? If so you could add a circle gradient texture mapped to UV coordinates then scale and position it in the right place using the mapping node. Use this as a mask/factor to add in an emission shader.
Should work in blender, but will need an extra emission map texture to use elsewhere.

Thinking about it… Would it be possible to use the alpha channel as a emission map/mask instead of transparency?

thank you :slight_smile:
I just solved it using another emission material using the same texture, this ways it will work on any other program coz the user only need to import the one texture and it will work on non-emission and emission parts of the mesh .

thank you again my friend.