Is there a way to create object in isolate mode?

I often isolate mesh and i need to add more detail so it’s a pain to always have to exit isolate just to create a cube or a cylinder and then get back in isolate so is there a more productive way of doing it?

I’ve never met such issue. Adding objects in Local View works fine on my end.

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Do you mean isolate with the ‘’/’’ hotkey?

It worked in 280 final, but not in 281 Sept 10 2019 download I have currently. Must be bug…report it. But first try latest build.

OK it is indeed working but only with Blender primitives i was using the bsmax addon that add many more primitives that you can draw anywhere in the viewport but it doesn’t work in isolate mode.

My mistake sorry guy’s!

I see…tried it again and “appended” an object this time and yes… it is not in /local view. It is in the scene, you can select both and go back to /local with these sections… /local.

not sure what you are calling ‘other primitives’ ? I have no experience with max to know workflow you talk about. What is BSMAX? Sorry have to ask.

Hi Bachnoral, Bsmax is the continuity of the bmax addon that add many useful tools from 3ds max like a proper align tool, mirror, clone etc.

You also get easy lattice with ffd 2x2, ffd 3x3 and 4x4.

It also add many more primitives with parametric settings you can change at will until you transform them to mesh, in blender the minute you move a primitives, cube, sphere etc you lose the parameters.

with bsmax you can also draw a box or any primitives anywhere on the screen instead of having to move the 3d cursor each time you need a cube at certain location.

There is also a multitude of other amazing tools and you can follow Nasser development here ;

Even for people who never work with 3ds max bsmax add so many useful tools that it cannot be ignore for any serious artists who want productivity.

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Thanks Polynut for the info…

I will look at it soon. Glad you sent me this, looks good… will try it.

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