Is there a way to create procedural textures for my sculpted model?

Hi. Is there a way to texture my model with some procedural method so that it matches my sculpted model well? When I’ve sculpted models and then tried to put some textures from the internet I realized that they don’t really seem to match that well for the detailed surface that was sculpted. It seems out of place. The same happens if I try to hand paint it (well, probably because I’m not good at painting). To be honest the result is awful and even worse than without painting. What I’m looking for is some kind of a way to make a procedural texture when the low points are darker color and the high points are lighter color (or something similar) so I could accentuate all the details a bit better. Also, if you think that there is another or better and more efficient method to texture such models, please let me know. Any ideas would be appreciated because I have no idea about how to go about texturing. Here’s one example of a model I’d like to texture

By the way, it’s baked. So I have a normal map for this model. Maybe there’s a way to somehow use values from the normal map to achieve the result I’m trying to do here?

P.S. I’m trying to do the trick with free software

In Cycles I think you can use Pointiness in the Geometry node.

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Pointiness will take the geometry into account but he says it’s actually a normal map


Once you have textured the model and applied the associated normal map, you can adjust how strong the normal map should influence the rendering from the shader. You should also make sure the normal map is okay and “deep” enough. You may also need to adjust material properties so it won’t be shinny, metallic etc.

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You could use Vertex Paint / Dirty Vertex Colors…as in this

Along with the Normal you created should make a nice effect…

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Thanks! That’s a great advice, I didn’t know about this node. I think it worked the best for this particular model. At first I thought I’d bake AO and use as a texture but it was too smooth, then I tried pointiness as you suggested and it turned out a lot more defined, although a bit grainy. In the end I mixed AO and pointiness together to create the needed effect.

Sorry. I should have mentioned that I also had an HP version from which I baked normal map to LP. That’s why I actually could use pointiness on HP and then bake diffuse map to LP.

Sure, you are right. I know about material properties already. In this case I just needed a texture to highlight the details in the right place.

Thanks, a really good technique! I’ve never seen it. I couldn’t make it work for this particular model but I’m sure it will work just great on some of the others I’ll create.

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