Is there a way to crop blueprints *inside* Blender?


Most of the time when you download reference images (blueprints), they include all projections in the same image, which makes it look messy in Blender if you don’t spend time doing cumbersome editing outside Blender prior to bringing them in.


Is there any way I can crop the ref images WITHIN Blender? (My reasons for this is because I want it to look cleaner, I don’t want multiple files for the same image, and I want to do this in Blender because it’s much quicker.) Seems like a mundane task? The closest I came to a solution, was using the “Images as Planes” method: in which I could move the ref image’s vertices – then, adding a “Texture Coordinates” node and hook it to the texture would also let me crop the image! – alas, when exiting Edit mode the image got squashed…

Side question

What’s the ideal approach: using the “Image as Planes” add-on or import as Background method?

Use images as planes and then add cuts to the plane and delete the parts you don’t want.

Oh man, it was that simple …?!! Thank you.

Even better, you don’t even have to add cuts and delete any faces; instead just select the image plane, enter Edit Mode, select an edge, then Edge menu > Edge Slide.