Is there a way to default View Rotation Center to 0,0,0 world axes?

Hello All, this questions is for Blender 2.8x and 2.9x

Is there a way to setup the UI in such a way as to be able to rotate the view by default on the world center coordinates? (Like for instance in Maya and others).

Because right now View Rotation (and then zooming) defaults to center around the Mouse position, when no object is selected, framed etc.

Is there maybe a shortcut key that centers the camera to world coordinates 0,0,0, I seem to only be able to center the cursor and fame all and then center the view on the cursor, but then as soon as one zooms out and rotates the view the center will change to the position ofthe mouse cursor instead and bringthe zoom focus with it etc. It is very disconcerting and counter productive in terms of Navigating around a scene I feel.

Thank you

You can hit shift+s, select cursor to world origin the go to view - align view- center view to cursor,
then rotate with middle mouse button.
There is also shift+c that sends the cursor to the center and frames all objects, but that will put the center of the view at the center of the objects, so if the center point of the objects is not the world origin it will not center the view to the world origin but to the center point between all your objects.
Edit: shift+C also counts the cursor as an object when centering the view.
Edit 2 sorry after reading more carefully your last paragraph I am a bit confused your method also works, you should be able to zoom in and out with the numpad + and - keys and rotate around the center with the middle mouse button, for me it works I can rotate and zoom in and out around the world origin to my hearts desire.

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Thank you it does not seem to work for me though. I set the cursor to world Origin and Center the view to the cursor but when I Rotate the view it still rotates around the position of the Mouse Cusror, and not the world Origin.

Ah well, we can’t have it all I suppose. Blender is still great and I am addopting it as of 2.8+ :slight_smile:

PS: Do you think it could be Possible to compact all these actions such as “shift+s, select cursor to world origin the go to view - align view- center view to cursor” in to one Keybinding?

The only way I found to do what I want is to create an object and leave it at the origin and set the Navigation Preferences to Orbit around selection. And select that Object whenever I want to Rotate the scene based on World Origin.

If you want it to stop rotating around the mouse cursor you can go to
preferences -> navigation -> turn off depth

You can also set or unset “Orbit around selection” there.

If you turn these two off it will rotate around the center of the screen.

I don’t think you can make it rotate around the origin at all times.

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Maybe it is because of your preferences as Lumpengnom says. here is a screenshot of mine:

This is possible via a script but I have no knowledge of scripting to help you on that.

There is also a free addon to record macros (I have not tried it) in its global mode you can save the macros for use in all projects.

I have also seen proposals to create hotkeys for a sequence of comands but I do not think it is done yet.

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Thank you both, it worked now.

I had Depth on and also Orbit Around Selection. Both of them interfear with what I wanted. I do not need them to be On so I will keep it like this.

On the other hand, if someone wants both of them On, the solution then is to create some mesh in the World Origin and quickly select it in the outliner etc when you need to rotate the scene it is faste rlike that.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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