Is there a way to enable halo materials in UPBGE?

Hey, how do I make the halo material type in UPBGE’s materials to work inside UPBGE? It works in Blender internal, but doesnt in Bge/Upbge, is there a way to make it work?

Halo material? you mean you need a material that always faces the camera view?

As always you can find the answer in google,

Or what do you mean?

Well IDK if I wrote something wrong, but I want the 4th type of material ( I am talkinga bout types like solid, wire, etc, int that sequence the 4th one) which makes the objecy look volumetric, I think its name is not halo, but IDK,maybe I am right, but I am not talking about the halo face orientation, I am talking about the halo material which makes the obejct VOLUMETRIC

What UPBGE version are you using? What are you trying to make look volumetric?

I will talk tommrow, because its nighttime now

Volume or Halo?
Well, none of those works with the UPBGE as far as I know, at least with Upbge 0.2.x

Dude thats exactly my question,is there a way to somehow make them work in UPBGE 2x??? I guess it can be done by medsing with the UPBGE files, but Idk how