Is there a way to Export as PNG or OOG?

Does Blender have the capability of after making something exporting it as a PNG? And can the animations be sent out as an OOG file? I ask because RPG Maker VX Ace supports PNG files, and I saw on Youtube there was a way of exporting as a SVG [to Inkscape, that I can then Export > Bitmap as a PNG], but doing it all from Blender would be so much easier than working three different programs [Blender, Inkscape, and Paint.Net].

Likewise, for movies it only uses OOG [never worked with that type before to be honest, but then most of this art stuff has been a major learning experience]. If Blender can’t export as an OOG / have an OOG export add on. Is there any work arounds to get this into Windows Movie Maker [which then I’d convert with VLC Media player]?

Select the output format you want and render your scene

Animation files will be saved in the location specified, for images use the Image / Save as Image menu or shortcut F3

When I hit Windows Key [FN], then F3, I get booted to my start screen. Is short cut different for Laptop users [Windows 8.[newest one]]? And where is the Image > Save as location? Also I tried changing the location showed, Then a quick Ctrl. + Shit + S, and it keeps saying it’s untitled.blender. Both when I changed the file type to PNG, and When I changed it to OOG [in the screen shotted area].

Still thanks for the screen shot, that’s a good first step in understanding where I need to be [sarcasm not meant, seriously thank you ^_^].

Render the scene
In the render window save the image

In the file browser that opens select the location and format you want to save the image

For animations select the format and the location in the render / output panel

Awesome, I can now save as PNGs. But with the vids, tried both Render, and Output file with an MPEG, and OOG.

Going to Output, then “Save As”: produces an untitled.blender file.

Going to Render, Image, Save Image saves it as the PNG option that I had selected previously.

Btw. Thanks for your help so far, I’ve now learned how to save at least PNG’s which is a lot more than I knew yesterday.

[off topic somewhat] are there any good tutorials for beginners that you’d suggest?

But with the vids, tried both Render, and Output file with an MPEG, and OOG.
In render Output panel select output location, video format and codec settings
Then press Animation to render the animation in the format selected in the location selected.

I suggest you start reading/watching tutorials as this is covering the very basics of rendering something

Will do. Thank you very much for your time and help.