Is there a way to find groups that should be unused?


Does anyone know of a way to identify which material or node groups that are using certain node groups? My group list contains a bunch of i.e. “aaa.Group.001” (fake user disabled, but still one user), where I’d really want it to use “aaa.Group” (without the .001). I’ve spent hours to clean up those I could find, but a couple are eluding me.

So basically, can this be done more easily? And, for the future, is there any way of avoiding this mess when appending materials and groups from other blends?


If You don’t have this GREAT tool set from Amaranth…You should give it a try…Don’t know if it will solve all Your problem but think it can help you with some of them…:slight_smile:

Tic the tools You wan’t to use in Preferences - add ons.