Is there a way to fix 2.80 UI?

I hate the new design, its a disorganized broken mess. Is there a custom theme to it that fixes it? Or at least one that fixes horrible colors and flat buttons that hurts to look at.

It’s growing on me but I’m looking forward to people posting new themes. Super glad I can turn off the dumb stuff like the gizmo selection icons and that useless navigation thing in the upper right corner of the 3D View. I even switched to the new keymap with a few exceptions(right click select, disable all right click tweaks to move stuff, change some pies back to menus).

How can you get used to useless hints taking up screen space and huge buttons for useless stuff like rotate or scale that people learn during their first days with blender? Thats the basic hotkeys they dont need a stupid button. Where is all the actually useful stuff? Its not where its been. I dont understand why I need to fight the UI instead of working. Why was that changes even necessary? And the colors, its disgusting, its hard to focus my eyes on buttons when they are all flat and there is only black and grey colors. Blender now looks like some cheap bootleg software. All I want is either a function to get 2.79 design back or a community mod to fix it. Cant believe I am in minority and most people love the changes.

Can you give constructive feedback without insulting anyone?
Saying that It’s stupid, it’s useless, it’s disgusting won’t help anyone.


All sort of hints are not needed, they cover the screen space for no reason. Buttons for basic functions like that stuff in the upper right corner are not needed either, its all in hotkeys that people learn during their first hours with the software. Left panel is completely useless, things like rotate or move should not be on it, they were sitting just fine on the lower half of the screen, they dont need so much space. Where is all the stuff that was on the left panel before? Like lamp and object spawn, like subdivide, etc. Right additional menu on N hotkey now have 3 subcategories that require additional mouse click, what was wrong with just scrolling with the mouse wheel? The menu is not that big to justify this. Design have horrible color scheme that tire my eyes, its so heavy and dark, it barely have any color aside from black and grey, I cant quicly find modifiers I need just by looking at its icon, now they all look like dark formless mess. Flat buttons also does not help, they just make it even more confusing to use. Also looks like its no longer flexible as it used to be. Now I have to use a special window to model, I cant just switch between material and sculpt like I used to. Overall its just poorly organised UI that makes no sense and horrible dark mess instead of design. Such changes were not needed.

Man, I have to really disagree with this. The left panel is all about the Active Tool system and it gives you a nice, clear visual indication about which tool is currently active. Move and Rotate absolutely need to be there for that reason. Also, if you don’t like it just close it! Click on the edge and drag it closed. There, your unbearable nightmare is finally over! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess there’s just different camps on this. I find the flat buttons and icons much easier to look at. They make the interface feel less cluttered and busy to me. The only thing I still can’t stand is that awful Save icon in the File menu. Long live the floppy disk!

We get it, you liked the old way and were used to it. But for a lot of people Blender’s UI was pretty much the polar opposite of intuitive. If you could look at it from a fresh, unbiased perspective I think you’d see 2.8 is a million times more discoverable and friendly than it was before. And I think it’s a huge reason why there’s been such a big surge in interest, funding and new users. I think that kind of speaks for itself.


It gives me a bunch of useless things that are faster to press on hotkeys and all the actually useful stuff is no longer on it. Why would you prefer couple giant buttons instead of small handy ones that are always on the lower half of the screen?

For me they look like a broken web page that failed to load and stuff is all over the place, they are so hard to focus my eyes on.

Then they should never consider getting into 3d if they need an ios like design with huge basic functions buttons that almost look like they were designed for a phone touch screen. 3D is not easy and if they cant learn hotkeys I dont think they should be doing that.

I would have never picked blender then. The only reason I am using it is because its UI was much handier and better designed than 3Dmax, I felt that it was designed by people that truly love 3D. Now its no better than max, same kind of mess.

Ha, ok :roll_eyes:

It’s pretty clear your way is the only way. I guess everyone else is just getting it wrong. We better get out of 3D and leave it to the pros! I just hope wherever I go next there’s huge buttons. God knows I’m just helpless without them.


All I am saying is that a bunch of people getting into something only because its easy and not because they actually have passion for this is never good. It ruined so much things before and I cant see why blender would be any different. But seriously I dont care, I just want an option or mod to at least fix the awful colors.

You shouldn’t need to suffer through a senselessly obscure UI just to prove how passionate you are about 3D.

But anyway, I’m sure someone will make a 2.79 theme eventually. At some point I think they said they’re even going to have completely customizable Editors. So say you don’t like the Timeline (I don’t really like the Timeline), you can just make a new one exactly how you want it. I personally can’t wait for that.

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I have no idea about what “useless hints taking up screen space” you talking about

You talk a lot about people not able to learn hotkeys, how about you learn how to customize UI/Workspace to fit your needs?


And what is that super useful stuff you have at the bottom? Anyways why do I have to adjust its interface when it was perfect right out of the box before? Its a downgrade to the software.

If you so smart and remember every additional hotkey for each tool and can guess tool status, guess what, you can mouse over at the edge and hide it.
As for me i don’t see those hints useless, nor they aren’t that new, you can see them whenever you use any tool in 2.79

Sorry to tell you this, but you aren’t special. Everyone adjusts UI for their needs, with default settings designed for more new users for obvious reasons.

It teaches them the wrong way and shows them a bad workflow, but whatever.

Someone using different controls from you doesn’t make them bad or wrong.


Moving car wheel with your legs pushing pedal with your hands is not wrong.

Better analogy would be someone playing with mouse and keyboard and someone else with controller


Totally agree…
I had problems on the initial Beta… but just like every other piece of software I have, I got used to it…learned where things are and hotkeys ( some anyway ) …
I use the default lay-ou as it works fine for me…
I have only one problem and that is the grab location ( perhaps size is more appt ) but when pulling up the lower window to use Node Editor or UV editor…It take many, many tries to grab the ( what seems to be a one pixel hotspot ) bar to pull it up. It does get frustrating… but certainly not something to go into a rant about…