Is there a way to get a return value of an object's texture space size?

Scaling an object in Blender and scaling that object’s texture space use the same operator:


Only when scaling the texture space you use

I can get the size of the object with:

But how do I return the current scale size of the texture space? I need to know this because I’m building a slider which allows you to scale your material for both Cycles and BR. The issue is the slider needs to be aware of the current scale of the texture space before it can add or subtract from the value. I’m aware you can use Alt-Shift-T and that this is an option in the Object menu but I need to turn it into a slider. Thanks. ?

Lol. Thanks CoDEmanX. That’s it. For some reason my brain was thinking this data must be attached to the material or textures but that makes no sense. Just not use to thinking of mat related stuff as so close to Thanks.