Is there a way to get two objects in to edit mode.

[SIZE=2]Is there a way to get two objects in to edit mode.
I have two separate objects but I need them to be edited in the same edit mode so I can edit them at the same time. I guess you can say I want them to be one object when I click on it in object mode.

In the object menu (3D window header) there’s an item “Join Objects.” I think it’s what you’re looking for.

You could also select both objects in object mode and use ctrl+L (Make Links) and click on ‘Mesh Data’, that way, whatever you do to one will affect the other. Hope that helps…

Though I belive that what Nicko is suggesting will make one object a repliclone of the other like what happens when you duplicate things with alt-d. If you just need two different chunks of mesh in edit mode at once the alt-j thing will work fine.

If you need to do this in the future you can also just add more primitives in edit mode, or take a chunk of your mesh and shift-d duplicate it. Various parts of a mesh don’t have to be connected at all; and you can have up to 16 or so materials assigned to an object so you don’t need seperate objects for that; and if you do need things to be seperate objecs later you can just ctrl-L to select an isolated chunk and ctrl(?)-P to seperate the thing.

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